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<strong>Andy Rush</strong>
Andy Rush

Course Media Developer
University of North Florida

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Gutenberg vs. Elementor

Gutenberg blocks for Elementor

Session Feedback

  • Choosing a Theme – Don’t Choose a theme (pick a template instead)
    • Kubrick Theme – for nostalgia sake
    • Astra Theme – Use if you want to have a “starter” page – starter templates provided
      • Activate Theme > Astra Options > Install Importer > Choose Elementor
  • Creating the Template for DoOO and installing WordPress
    • Start with “Clean Install” to create Faculty Template. Start with Faculty Template to build fancy-schmancy Elementor Template
    • Faculty Template – https://template.domains.unf.edu/
    • Fancy-schmancy Elementor Template (from Faculty Template above) – https://template.domains.unf.edu/testy/ 
    • In combination with Installatron templates you can implement good looking, ready made sites (landing pages, podcasts, portfolios, etc.)