Organize, Order… this is not your grandparent’s chronological blog

All of your slides are plain old WordPress posts (we have renamed them Slides in the dashboard, but they are just blog posts).

Whatever you upload for a featured image, is what appears at the top as an image.

In your typical blog everything is organized by time, newer stuff at the front.

Use Slide attributed to define the order. Use bigger numbers to leave room for others later.

But with SplotPoint, you can put your slides in any order using the box in the editor, look on the right side for one labeled Slide Attributes.

They do not have to be exactly sequential, so you might initially order slides 0, 10, 20, 30, … which leaves room to insert ones not yet created. So while this is the second one in this “deck” (the first one is 0), it’s number “10” is the second lowest.

You can see the order of the slides too in the index for all Slides in the Dashboard. You can even quickly change the slide order by hovering over the slide title, clicking Quick Edit, and changing the value in the pop up box.

Slide Image: Organize a Blue Diamond Gallery photo by Nick Youngson shared under a Creative Commons BY-SA license