With Great Power Comes… Great Points?

You’ve seen more than your share of slideshows, right? Is it really about the slides?

Can you maybe divert attention back to what’s important, your ideas, and not the bullet points.

SPLOTpoint may not cause that yo happen, but it is meant to provide a way to deliver your message to an audience in the room, and to ones that will see it later. That’s because you have the big images and text at the top (aka a SLIDE), but rather than notes being stuffed away in a window of some mega download… they are right here.

You can use the body of a SPLOTpoint to be more content to present or extra info to share.

Your presentation is on the web immediately, and the web is your presentation platform.

This is great power!

And start good habits by attributing your media!

Slide Image: Single from of Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben from With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility¬†¬†found on YouTube.